Frequently Asked Questions

Flip Book Photo Booth Rental California
How many flipbooks can be made?
While we say up to 60 flipbooks per hour, most events guest traffic flow results in about 40-60 flipbooks per hour for the entire event. It may mean 30 flipbooks the first hour and 75 the next hour. To prevent confusion, we also stopped saying “unlimited” because that can be interpreted as 100 flipbooks for one scene, which while we can do that, it would take the entire hour to process and no one else will get a flipbook that hour except for the group that asked for 100 flipbooks. We will do a reprint for any guest should the line and time allow. We prefer to give your guests the most fun and interactive flipbook experience, so while we move the line along, we do not push them through.

What does your set up look like? 
Some of our setups can be seen on instagram/helloflipbooks. Each set up is unique to the space given to us. Our pole mounted monitor and camera minimizes unsightly wires and can also mount a second viewing monitor. Our prop table is usually right in front of the kiosk and the production table is set to the side. We bring our tables and black linens, we can also set up on existing sturdy banquet tables and matching linens if you desire. We also offer the option of fully “branding” the kiosk with custom designs including names, logos or graphic patterns. Please ask if interested in our custom designed kiosk.

Do you charge extra for outdoors?

It depends on the needs of your event. Do we need to provide a generator? Set up flooring and/or a tent? Is electricity limited such as low voltage landscaping types or provided by a generator? In most cases, setting up on an outdoor patio with electricity generally means no specialty set up is needed. In case of inclement weather (such as extreme heat or cold, high winds, wet weather) all outdoor events should consider an alternate indoor location. Please discuss with us prior to the event.

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Are you insured?
Of course! We have been in business for over 5 years, and can provide the venue our certificate of coverage if need be. We also bring a back up equipment, it’s rarely happened that we would need to switch out important components such as our printer, but we plan it in order to ensure a smooth running event.

Can I use my own background or get a custom one? 

In most cases yes, we have had many clients create their own individual background. We can always create one for you, let us know! While a white background showcases the flipbook scenes, we have also have several background options:
Green Screen
Step and Repeat
Custom designed and handmade

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Are the covers custom? 
Absolutely! Our premium high quality, glossy wrap around covers include the front, back and spine! Photos, graphics, logos, and even drawings and napkins (yes, napkins!) have been incorporated into our designs. 

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Why do I have to pay sales tax?
State of California requires sales tax on all tangible products (physical products) and service for the photo booth business, we must collect and then remit to the state. Our digital only photobooth is the only non-taxed product as no physical product is exchanged. Our business is registered with the State Board of Equalization, our DBA is filed with Orange County and business license is through city of Anaheim.