Flipbooks and Props!

Making flipbooks is just one part of the fun! Prepping the prop box before a show is another fun thing we are excited to do. I recently went shopping for props for our holiday booth which I found fun reindeer antlers, a Santa stuck in a chimney hat, made a “Merry Christmas/Season’s Greetings” sign. I also made some boas using tinsel to jazz it up.

I also love our animal print inflatable instruments, our rock music theme props and all those funky sunglasses. Before this business, I was a collector of strange and unique sunglasses so I include them whenever I find something different.

While we do prefer to dedicate one full table to props, we understand that space can be limited. We do use a hat rack for the hats and boas so if we have to reduce props, we still can add lots of fun!


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