Flipbooks, Flipbooks, Flipbooks!

Making flipbooks is so much fun. Since flipbooks are still on the new side, many guests are wowed and extremely entertained by our flipbooks. Guests enjoy coming up with a flipbook scene idea, then going back to their table to convince friends to star and make their flipbooks! Often, we will see the same groups perform in their flipbook skit while their camera shy friends stand by and record on their devices. We really enjoy seeing the laughter, the smiles and the excitement that people have when they make their flipbooks. After every event where we make flipbooks, several guests will contact us to have flipbooks at their next party, dance, reception or other event. We also do flipbooks for promotional purposes to help create a fun environment when promoting your brand. Flipbooks have become the preferred entertainment at parties and events, make sure to book us for your next one! Or Email:

Here’s a flipbooks prop display from a recent event:


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