With our beautiful Southern California weather, who wouldn’t want their HelloFlip! Silent Movie Flipbook Booth to be set up outdoors? We have done several outdoor events, with the majority not incurring any extra charges. Our first priority is safety. Basically, if we have electricity, protected from severe heat and wind, and on sturdy flat ground, we should be fine. Most of our outdoor events have set up on covered patios, with electricity provided. We work with you to make sure quality and experience still remain as well as considering the comfort and safety of your guests and attendees. With that said, there are still many challenges for setting up outdoors:


Daytime: Daytime events will be at the mercy of the sun and heat, quality can greatly be affected as cloud coverage changes or the sun sets. We periodically stop to adjust settings more often to accommodate the changing light. The changing light is also problematic for green screen, we highly recommend against a daytime green screen set up. Extreme heat can also cause the equipment to temporarily stop functioning in order to cool down. 

Evening: Moisture affects the final product, the way equipment functions, especially with printing. However a larger issue is bugs. Bugs love our continuous lighting set up! And guests generally do not enjoy bugs joining them! Some of the more rural areas seem to have more bugs than an outdoor hotel patio. 

Sprinklers: Automatic sprinklers need to be turned off. This statement is from past experience, please make sure the venue/backyard does not have sprinklers going off during the event. 

Weather: Rain and heavy winds means that we cannot work outdoors for the safety and comfort of your guests and our staff. For most events, an alternate indoor area will be needed in order to insure your guests have a good time and use our booth! Most venues will offer an alternate area or offer rain protection. Please contact us if this can not be provided. There are event rental companies that can set up flooring, rain protecting tents as well as secured and grounded electricity for not just us, but the other activities you have scheduled. It may cost less to have one company cover all your event vendors than for us to to arrange a tent and flooring just for us. 

Here are a few tips to avoid additional charges for flipbook outdoor events or HelloFlip! not being able to set up safely:

1. Electricity – We ask for access to two grounded dedicated (unshared) circuits within our assigned area. Solid electricity as low voltage landscape electricity is usually not adequate enough. This can be provided by a generator, though even the quietest small ones are still distracting for some weddings. We recommend an industrial event generator placed away from the reception area that can be used for more than just your flipbook provider. A generator will need to be placed away from the flipbook booth for safety & health reasons. Another options is to locate a grounded electrical outlet near the set up location, for example a garage or running an extension cord from an indoor location. Depending on the strength, multiple outlets may need to be utilized. At some events, lights or the second monitor will not be able to used because of the strength of electricity. 

2. Protection – A roomy large, tall tent or canopy for hot, sunny days as well as wind protection may be necessary on heavy wind days. For safety and practical reasons, we cannot work outdoors in the rain or heavy wind, plan for an alternate indoor area. If you need a tent set up, we can order the set up. If we need additional set up, your other event entertainment may need some as well. Check with your venue, event planner, caterer or event supplier to see if other rentals are being arranged all at once. 

3. Flat ground – For our safety as well as your guests, we need to be set up on solid, flat ground. Dirt ground, grass, hills are just not safe enough for us to deliver a quality service.

4. Ramped access – Our equipment will be wheeled into the venue, ensuring for an efficient set up time. Stairs, hills and rocky ground will mean we need to hand carry equipment. The extra time to hand carry will either cut into service time. Our hand carry, prearranged fee costs less than service hours and preserve your flipbook service time to be for flipbooks!

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HelloFlip! is committed to providing a safe environment where guests and attendees can enjoy making their flipbooks. Make sure your outdoor event needs are covered to ensure HelloFlip! can safely set up and provide flipbook service, we are happy to work with your prior to the event to make the arrangements. Refunds are not given if on the day of the event, we can not set up and provide service due to safety issues or unexpectedly asked to set up outside.