Your event is just days away! Here’s some tips and notes that have helped our past clients and ease some event issues. 

Tables: Two sturdy banquet sized tables at least 5 feet each to be set up with your matching loose linens (no stretch linens.) one table is for our flipbook production and one for the prop table. Let us know 2 weeks prior if arrangements need to be made and we can provide our own tables. 

Props: If you are adding to our prop table, please note that props often do not make it through the night and we cannot be responsible for any props added to the table. 

Set up: At least a 10 feet by 10 feet area is needed. More for events like proms where room is needed for a line and may even need to set up stanchions. It’s best to have the backdrop set up in front of a solid wall rather than a window especially during sunset. With evening outdoor or indoors by windows, we will have to frequently change the light settings to compete with the almighty sun.

Electrical needs: Two dedicated 20 amp outlets. We may be able to work off one, depends on the lighting needs of the chosen backdrop and ambient lighting of the venue, please contact us to make arrangements. Make sure electricity is an unshared circuit, this mean to provide us an outlet that the circuit does not have other electrical equipment plugged. Many times breakers have been blown because the circuit was shared by both the photobooth and the dj. 

Set up: We arrive about one and a half hours to two hours prior to the service start time. Contact us now if you need idle time or earlier set up to make arrangements. 

Last call: Should be about 30 minutes before the end of contracted service. Please let your announcer/MC/DJ know to announce this. 

Overtime: What happens if you need more time? We do offer overtime for most events. It is cash only, pre-paid. (Sorry, a few bad apples means we cannot invoice after the event anymore.) $100 per 15 minute increments. 

Social Sharing Connection:  We bring our own hotspot. If the venue has poor reception, our system will hold the email shares and send when we have connection. If immediate sharing is preferred and our hotspot cannot connect, we will need a dedicated internet connection (LAN not wifi). Please discuss with us for further details.  

Guest Social Share: Most guests will choose the email option as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter require passwords and sharing is restricted to their API. The emails can be personalized to include a message, logo or graphic (often we just use your cover image) and any links. 

Other tips:

A cocktail or other small table set up near by would help your guests have a place to put drinks and/or purses while participating in their flipbook scene. 

If you have other activities planned and guests would prefer not to wait the couple minutes for their flipbook, consider another small table where flipbooks can be laid out and your guests can return to pick it up. 
Guests wanting multiple prints: We would prefer to let each guests make and receive a flipbook. Some guests will want to return multiple times and it is often impossible to tell if they already made one so we just cannot police that. Generally, each guest in a group will get a flipbook depending on the line. Since flipbooks are hand assembled, larger groups may have a longer wait time for their finished flipbooks. Most regular reception style events average between 40-60 flipbooks per hour.