About HelloFlip! Silent Movie Flipbook Booth: 
We print a seven second video clip into a 60 page premium paper flipbook, finished size is about 3.5 inches wide by 2 inches tall and about 1/2 inch thick. We use high quality printed covers, covering the front, spine and back. For speed, we do not use glue or tape on the spines. HelloFlip! has been serving the Southern California market since 2012. 

HelloFlip! provides flipbook services for other flipbook companies, photo booth,  photography businesses and event planners. We can customize for your needs from simply providing the production team, equipment for your stylized event or  handle the full flipbook experience or a mixture of the two. We have provided flipbook service for small backyard parties to celebrity events to large marketing events at festivals to product promotions at trade shows. We can create a fully custom product based on your needs and budget. Let’s discuss what you need and how we can help! 

Most commonly requested service is our reception package: 

White Label Reception Service for 60-page premium paper flipbooks includes: 

 – Up to 4 hours of flipbook service

 – Open air style setup and breakdown, arrive 2 hours prior to set up

 – 2 attendants, one host, one production. Attendants dress in “show black” (long black pants and black shirt), please inquire if an alternate dress attire is preferred.

 – High Key White Backdrop*  

 – Custom designed covers using logos, graphics and phrases/messages. Your branding info on the back if desired. 

 – Last page image replacement – we can substitute your camera ready business card size graphic for the last page image printed with each flipbook. 

 – Your logo on the monitor below the software logo. 

 – Your logo on the upper right hand corner of of each saved recorded flipbook video file if desired. 

 – Access to all guest flipbooks scenes created via private DropBox folder 

 – Guest Social Share via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or email. Emails will come from your provided email address. Emails can be personalized with provided logos, graphics. Consider upgrading to a custom microsite. 

– As a rule, for white label events we do not leave our postcards or business cards out unless we have a prior mutual agreement. Guests will ask, please provide your business cards for referrals. 

*A note about backdrops: We prefer a white backdrop as it blends right into the white pages of the flipbook and features the guest movements clearly. Although we accommodate many clients request a sequined, colored or step and repeat backdrop, these may affect the final printed quality. Please keep in mind that flipbooks differ from regular photo prints as the print area is very small and may not showcase all the details of the backdrop. 

Current White Label Reception Service Pacakge Pricing for North Orange County Locations: $1600 plus local sales tax

*Other areas: Add $100 for events up to 45 miles of 92803, please inquire for further distances. 

Additional options to consider:

Added production attendant, materials for high yield events. 

Green Screen still or video


Step and Repeat

Props for a custom theme

Customized email with collection 

Customized microsite for social sharing (limited to social share API) 

Extra social sharing stations

Vinyl wrap branding (not all our kiosks can be vinyl branded, please ask if one is available for your date) 

What we need and ask for:

 – At least 10×10 foot area, with at least a 7.5 foot ceiling. A larger area allows more room for the guests as well as room for lining up. 

 – 1 dedicated circuit (2 is preferred and needed for green screen events) for power with 15 feet of the intended set up area

 – 2 tables, banquet length minimum 5 feet, 6 feet preferred covered with non-stretchy fabric. One table is for production, one for props if having a props. Our linens are black if we need to use them.  

 – Access to the venue at minimum of 90 minutes prior, please make sure our equipment can be wheeled in, elevators or freight lifts ok. 

 – Break, meal period, restrooms available for staff in accordance to labor laws. Please provide meals for events longer than 4 hours when easy and/or quick access to local dining or snacks is not possible. 

 – No cost parking for staff vehicles. 

 –  Any custom designed work to be approved 2 weeks of the event in order to handle any design or print issues. 

– Any usual load in, parking, driving directions or anything else that makes your venue unique. 

 – Any non-disclosure agreements with you or your client please provide prior to event so we can appropriately inform our team. 

Extra tips:

Consider a cocktail table near the area for guest drinks or food as we ask for the production area to be food/drink free. 

A larger area allows for room to line up. Your event may need stanchions, we do charge extra to bring and set that up, ask the venue or event rental company if they have some available first. 

For more information please visit:


Regarding outdoor events:


HelloFlip! also has other photo booth options, tell us about your vision and we would like to make it happen.