Do you have a special or cherished moment captured in video, you’d like to see in a HelloFlip! Flipbook?
Flipbooks can feature a New Baby Announcement or milestone, an engagement, or a graduation; as well as Save the Date reminders, invitations or a twist on the Thank You card.
Flipbooks also make unique business cards highlighting your talent or personality. We can even include your business card on the last page.

We accept the following formats in landscape or square mode only:

Other formats can be converted for a small fee:

Convert file (such as an iPhone video) per video $10
Crop or edit file, per video $10

Mini Set: 4 flipbooks of the same video. $50

Small Set: 24 flipbooks of the same video: $300

Medium set: 48 flipbooks of the same video: $575

Large set: 100 flipbooks of the same video: $ 1000

Includes sales tax and ground delivery shipment 

Please note: Our business information is presented on the last page of each flipbook.

Request your video to flip book quote today:

Video tips:
Ideal ratio is 1:1 and format sizes accepted are:

Other files will need to be converted. There are several video editors and online converters that can be used, just keep in mind some will reduce the quality of your video, see below to minimize that. We can also convert your video for you.

Use a square video! For video sizes 4:3 (standard) and 16:9 (HD) the sides will be clipped equally from both edges, so only the direct slightly zoomed middle square remains. Specific cropping is available for an option.

Please keep in mind, there will always be a little video quality loss when we convert video to print as well as from one file type to another. To minimize, try these tips:

Keep camera steady, using a tripod or propping with a stand can help.
Center the subject in the middle of the frame.
Background: keep it clear of too many distractions.
Use adequate lighting. Many smartphones become grainy in low light. Stick with daytime, sunny or use extra lights to keep the video crisp.

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