Flipbooks for Fundraising!
While we would love to donate or sponsor our services to every school, charity and non-profit group that has asked, we just are not able to accommodate every request. However, hiring a flipbook photo booth is still a benefit to your organization!
Flipbooks are a great way for charities, school groups, athletic teams or churches to earn extra income while including guest participation. Rent our photo flipbook booth at your next event, carnival, dance or other events and sell flipbooks or use ad space to help raise funds. Here are some suggestions to utilize the HelloFlip! Silent Movie Flipbook Booth for your next fundraiser:

FULL SPONSORSHIP. Flipbooks go home with your guests. Flipbooks are similar to other advertising items like magnets or notepads. Your sponsor can provide for the flipbook booth, alleviate your costs while providing your sponsor a way to advertise their business. Their information can be on the covers or inserted as the backpage as detailed below. Step and repeat backdrops also offer extra brand awareness. Sometimes advertising and promotions may offer a tax benefit as well, please see a tax professional for any tax related questions. 

SELL AD SPACE ON THE FLIPBOOKS. Mention the Helloflip! flipbook booth in your first pitch to sponsors. HelloFlip! flipbooks have space and multiple locations for sponsor logos or tag lines. Brochures and posters are tossed, but flipbooks are viewed over and over! Often people will also share their video on their favorite social networking web sites extending the life of the advertisement. Consider these areas to highlight sponsors.

Custom designed covers While the front can feature the name of the charity, or event and major sponsors, the back has room for several more logos.

Back page information Last page in each flipbook can be designed to include additional text or logos.

Monitor screen HelloFlip! uses two monitors, one for the guests in front of the camera and a mirrored monitor for those observing. We can create an image displaying the major sponsors under the words “Brought to you by” to be seen by all who look at the monitors.
Optional scrolling message A scrolling message printed into the each flipbook. This message does not record to video files.

Optional Video Features Each flipbook scene recorded features your watermarked logo in the upper right hand corner.
Optional scene montage All scenes collected into one short clip, recorded onto DVD or a downloadable video file.

SELL THE FLIPBOOK DURING THE EVENT. While we do not do individual flipbook sales on site, your team could charge for each flipbook. Our flipbooks are produced on site, so your guests do not have to wait days for their product, this allows for immediate sales. We typically produce 50 books per hour. Sell flipbooks at the current retail value. This is a great option for school carnivals. Make sure your signage indicates the cost goes directly to your fundraising. 

SELL FUNNY FLIPBOOKS: Use a key person to “Star” in a flipbook. Have volunteers sell these flipbooks. This is a great way to still utilize our service to those who are camera shy. Key people can be a local celebrity, principal, favored teacher or church official. These can be set up prior to the event.

RECORD AND SELL THE VIDEOS. HelloFlip! records every video made. This can be made into a compilation DVD. A volunteer could additional turn that into a movie/slideshow for additional sale.

A note about outdoor events:
We work with computers, printers and electricity and need protection from wind, rain and heat. Outdoor events vary in uniqueness may need more specific needs any thing from canopies, fans, and generators. Please email or call to discuss your outdoor needs.